This is a story of space. Of beings. And of all that which we pretend not to see but that is playing out right in front of our ignorance. It is a story of perspective. It is a story  of entrapment and enlightenment; of a laboratory. It is a question of what is space? with a working forever-ending.  Indeed, space has long been seen as being a monolithic whole, a monolithic hull which is grounded in the perception of four walls. Space, however is not quite so trivial, not quite so clinical. Instead, it is an entity of many: beings, forms, phrases, phases, scales. It is not confined nor defined by its boundaries but rather by its intestines; itself is a being. This is a story of an x-ray of Itself, in time and through time, with scale to itself and to others. It is a reel of its life, in real life.

instrument 001. tracking: air movement.

instrument 002. tracking: canine, human, sand, and dirt.
   ingredients: carbon copy paper, heavyweight paper, staples, beings.

instrument 003. tracking: condensation and moisture.
   ingredients: homemade litmus paper (made from red cabbage), broken car glass, upholstery thread, beings.

instrument 004. tracking: sand, dirt, and debris.
   ingredients: homemade paper, glue, wooden dowels, wooden base, beings.

instrument 005. tracking: dust.
   ingredients: gelatin, water, upholstery thread.

instrument 006. tracking: crumbs.
   ingredients: homemade paper.

interlude. video walk-through of Apartment 432. move around using your mouse (by dragging) or by moving your phone. 

This is an on-going research and experimentation. It is a living biography which continues to grow.